RDA SA riding and driving programs would not exist without special horses and ponies.

We prefer to use middle aged (11+ years) horses & ponies in our programs as they are more likely to be calm and relaxed.  We also want horses to be conformationally sound, with rhythmic, regular movement.

Generally RDA SA needs horses between 11 hands and16 hands high, and both wide and narrow horses have their uses within the program .

Horses used at a given centre will tend to be determined by the clients currently being serviced. 

All horses and ponies are trialled for one month to assess their suitability before they are integrated into the program.

Typically horses used in the program are owned (purchase or donation) by RDA SA or leased by the centre.

Variety the Children’s Charity partially fund the upkeep of our horses, with centres making up any shortfall.  Guidelines are in place to ensure funding equity between centres.

Suitable horses are purchased from centre funds or alternately centres can apply to state office for a grant from The Hero Fund. This fund is topped up by general donations and other fund-raising ventures.

Horses undergo regular training and exercise in order to keep them strong and and in a good mental state.

At the end of their days with RDA SA we try to find our horses a retirement home; many return to previous owners.