RDA riders are encouraged to take part in Dressage competitions, not only at RDA level, but also in open competition.

Dressage essentially focuses on developing a rider’s abilities to control their horse and work with it to achieve increasingly difficult manoeuvres.

In competition terms, RDA SA riders typically would aim to ride at the RDA SA state dressage championships. For the past few years these have been held in the indoor arena at Mallala Indoor Equestrian Centre. This gives riders – and RDA horses – a taste of riding under national conditions, which require experience in an indoor setting.

Riders may choose to ride with someone leading – but not controlling  – their horse. More confident riders will compete unled, starting with simple walk, or walk-trot tests.

Several riders have competed at National level for many years, and some have also ridden overseas, representing Australia in international competitions.

Dressage offers something for every rider.